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What Does TMJ Pain Have To Do With The Dentist?

  • May 14, 2016
Migraine & Headache Solutions 3 | Legacy Smiles - Billings, MT

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We have earned a reputation as a trusted source for comprehensive dentistry solutions in the Billings, Montana area. That means that we do a whole lot more than just clean teeth and poke around your mouth every six months. In fact, we handle some pretty tough problems that can tu

Today we want to talk about a sore subject: TMJ pain.

What’s the deal with TMJ? Well, it can actually get confusing. You see, the actual symptoms or pain that is derived from problems associated with that jaw joint is called temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and it is also known as TMD. Got it? TMD is the condition of having issues with your TMJ. It can cause great discomfort and can lead to other health problems given time.

Whether you realize it or not, this widespread affliction, may be correlated to the condition of your teeth. Yes, indeed. TMJ issues are usually the result of habitual grinding and/or clenching of your teeth because of too much stress.

Anyway, this underlying condition is formally known as bruxism. The takeaway is that it puts additional strain on your TMJ and causes the headaches, earaches, blurred vision, and other soreness to happen.

In addition to stress, some of the other common causes of TMJ pain and/or bruxism are arthritis, sudden injury, misalignment of your teeth, misalignment of your jaw, allergies, or other irritations in your mouth.

Fortunately, since this is really an oral health issue, we can effectively treat TMJ-related troubles here in our office.

We have found that TMD and bruxism problems can be quickly addressed through occlusal splint therapy. For this, our team makes use of the NTI tension suppression system. Don’t worry, it sounds more intense than it is.

This system basically consists of a transparent plastic device that is custom-built to fit your unique mouth. Usually, it functions as a night guard to prevent your upper teeth from touching the lower teeth. Such a barrier will reduce the stress that is placed on the jaw joint and prevent your teeth from grinding (or clenching) while you are asleep.

We can also make bite adjustments and place crowns in order to change the way your upper and lower jaws fit together. For some folks, this can take pressure off of the jaw joint and allow for the mouth to rest in a more relaxed position.

Once we have determined the treatment that makes the most sense for you, we will be able to take away the nagging jaw joint pains and all the other discomfort associated with TMJ/TMD or bruxism issues, and your quality of life will go back to the way it was before your headaches (both literal and metaphorical) began.

Put Your TMJ/TMD Headaches Behind You!

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