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We Can Fix Your Smile Without Metal Brackets

  • June 6, 2016
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Hello and welcome to another June edition of the Legacy Smiles blog!

Our team has been serving the good folks of Billings, MT and the surrounding communities for over 25 years. Even though it seems like the blink of an eye, we have certainly seen a lot of changes in dentistry during our tenure, especially in the realm of orthodontics.

It used to be that whether you were a teen or not, you had to be saddled with clunky metal brackets and wires for several years in order to transform your collection of crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth into a beautiful new smile. Those classic style braces got the job done but they sure caused plenty of grief along the way.

Well, we are happy to report that things have gotten better in that regard, and the options have expanded, especially for those of us for whom our teenage years are a only a hazy memory of good times and bad decisions.

There is now a cool new system for moving grown up teeth that have been settled into less than desirable slots for decades. It’s called Invisalign, and we think you’ll be surprised enough after reading the rest of this post to schedule your adult orthodontic consultation with our team.

Clear & Comfortable

Metal will never look good or feel good in your mouth. That kind of gear will have to be adjusted every month in an orthodontist’s office, it will cause sores and bleeding, trap food, and it will never come out of your mouth until the treatment process wraps up after a few long years.

It really is too bad that for many generations our primary method for making people’s smiles look better actually made them look worse during the process and drew loads of unwanted attention to what was going on, and caused unnecessary headaches for millions of patients.

Don’t worry, that won’t be the case with your Invisalign treatment.

There is no need for metal whatsoever. Instead system works through a series of clear, nearly invisible, very comfortable plastic aligners. They can’t be seen by outsiders and they fit snugly in your mouth. You simply switch them out on your own every two weeks to keep the process on schedule. Seriously!

Convenient Too

That means you won’t have to take time away from work for tune-ups, or to shop for oral waxes. You won’t need to carry around cleaning tools, or alter your diet either. And maintenance is simple. To clean your aligners you just run them under warm water and then brush and floss your teeth the regular old way.

The best part is that when we are through, in only about 12 months, your resulting smile will be stunning, to say the least.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to go?

Let Us Straighten Things Out!

Still have questions? Let us know! We want our patients to be completely educated about the care they are receiving so that they can be happy about the results.

If you are ready to schedule your Invisalign consultation in Billings, Montana, contact us online or call us at (406) 794-3114.


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