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Restore Teeth With Powerful Dental Implants

  • August 18, 2017
Tooth Bonding 3 | Legacy Smiles - Billings, MT


In my last blog post, I told you about the issues with missing teeth. As a long-time Billings, MT dentist, I have personally seen patients struggle with missing teeth. These problems can cause physical changes, emotional changes, and missing teeth can even cut your life expectancy by about 10 years!

At Legacy Smiles, we offer a number of tooth replacement options for patients struggling with missing teeth.  Every mouth is different. We can provide a number of great options when you visit us. Give us a call today at (406) 794-3114 or use the online form to request a visit.

Understanding tooth replacement options for your smile

By far the most common way to replace missing teeth is with removable dentures. These appliances have been around for hundreds of years. Today’s dentures are lifelike and function much better than ever before. But removable dentures still have their limitations. We’ve found that removable dentures can only match the power of natural teeth by about 50 percent. So, while you might have great-looking teeth, your function will not match the function of your natural teeth. The problem is that your jawbone will change shape once the teeth are lost. These changes make it difficult to maintain a great fit with your removable dentures.

The most powerful tooth replacement option available in dentistry is dental implants. These tools are made from titanium and merge with the jawbone. The dental implant literally becomes part of your body and preserves the jawbone.

What’s so incredible about dental implant is that they nearly match the power of your natural tooth. So, if you switch from dentures to implant-supported teeth, you can increase the power of your bite immediately. Suddenly, your favorite foods are back on the menu.

Almost anyone is a candidate for dental implants. You need to be in good oral health and have enough jawbone to support the implant.

Types of dental implants

Dental implants can be restored with single crowns, bridges, and dentures. And there are more types of dental implants than just one. We use immediate dental implants — when we can remove failing teeth and place dental implants in a single visit. We also use dental implants to secure dentures. So, if your dentures are sliding around and you want more security, we can place a few dental implants around the mouth.

One dental implant system that has become popular for patients missing all of their teeth is All-on-4 dental implants. These implants are strategically placed around the arch of the mouth to support your full arches of new, permanent teeth. The best part is that your upper tooth replacement will not cover the roof of your mouth. Most denture wearers have an upper plate that covers the roof of their mouth. That blocks hot and cold sensations and some of your taste. With All-on-4, your upper palate is open, making it feel as if you never lost your natural teeth.

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