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Gum Disease Treatment From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

Gum disease is commonly found among patients of all ages. It is a widespread affliction that can affect almost anyone, even if you brush and floss regularly. The best way to avoid the problems caused by gum disease or periodontal disease is to visit our Billings, MT Dentist, Dr. Stuart and one of our hygienists on a regular schedule for cleanings and exams. These visits are usually scheduled for twice a year, or every six months. In addition to your professional cleanings, it is important to keep up with your dental care at home. Being educated on the cause, gum disease treatment and prevention allows you to avoid major dental problems in the future.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is the infection of the tissue surrounding your teeth. This tissue, your gums, support and protect your teeth. Infection of this tissue can be detrimental for your teeth. It oftentimes goes unnoticed and undiagnosed because it can be a painless affliction – you may not even know you have it unless your dentist detects it.

Gum disease can cause your gums to be painful, swell, bleed, and otherwise feel uncomfortable. However, it often does not produce any symptoms at all. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor right away for treatment.

This widespread affliction is the number one reason why an adult would lose a tooth. Gum disease is caused by bacteria build-up on or in between your teeth and gums. This buildup is especially problematic in hard-to-reach places such as in between crowded front teeth or around molars. The infection in your gums can eventually spread to your jaw bone and cause it to deteriorate, eliminating the proper support needed to hold the root of your tooth. When this happens, the tooth or teeth in the affected area can become loose or even fall out! Periodontitis can be detrimental to the overall health of your mouth as well as your appearance.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

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Laser is the only tool available to us at this point in time where we can physically get to the base of a deep pocket, periodontal disease being the loss of bone in supporting tooth structure. The old typical way of doing it – I shouldn't say old, it's still standard of care – is the scaling and root planing of those tooth surfaces in order to remove the plaque, the tartar, the bacterial content that's causing the disease. However, biologically or microbiologically, there are still millions of bacteria in the base of that pocket that are going to breed and come and constantly be another source of problem for you.

What we do, is we incorporate traditional accepted standard of care procedures and then we add the laser to it. The laser tip, we can bring that laser tip down into a pocket, and it's radial firing, meaning that the tip, it will fire in a 360 pattern, instead of just at the tip of the laser. That laser energy will kill every bug in the area. Literally, we're not just disinfecting those pockets by removing it, or removing the debris with hand scaling, we're also, literally, sterilizing the pockets with our laser. That gives the body more time to heal, and more time to bounce back from that.

We will still use, I've also found that by using, sometimes we have to go to surgery, we have to use a surgical techniques. I've also found that by using conventional, traditional standard of care surgical techniques in periodontal disease, and then adding the laser to it that literally sterilize my surgical field as I go, we get better healing, we get less post-operative discomfort, and we get much, much better end results.

At our Billings, MT dentist office, we focus on accurately detecting and diagnosing periodontal problems. When you first come in, one of our hygienists will do a thorough exam to look for signs of infection for gum disease treatment. Dr. Stuart will also take a look during his examination. We want to catch any signs of infection early so that they can be treated before larger problems arise.

If the presence of an infection is detected, there are many ways we can treat the problem. A routine dental cleaning can take care of small infection, but moderate infections will need to be treated by a process called scaling and root planing. This process is a deep cleaning done with a laser that is used to remove buildup from underneath your gums. This gum disease treatment might also be used in combination with prescription-strength mouthrinses or antibiotics to knock out the infection. If the problem is more severe, it may require surgery. However, you shouldn’t worry because we can do all of that right here in our comfortable office. Regardless of the severity, we will cater the treatment plan to your situation. Your needs come first.

If you know or want to know if you need gum disease treatment, please call our Billings, MT dentist office right away at (406) 794-3114 or use our online form to make an appointment. Let us help you have the healthiest mouth possible.


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