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Pediatric Dentistry From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

At Legacy Smiles, we understand having a safe place to bring your kids for quality dental care is important. That’s why we cater to the whole family. We encourage parents to bring the whole family when visiting Dr. Stuart and his staff for pediatric dentistry. Your child’s first visit to our Billings, MT dentist office will be calm and low-pressure for both you and your child.

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It's more important for us to help the patient and gain the trust and respect and rapport with our patient than it is to get through a procedure. There are techniques in dentistry where with small children, for example, I would rather take some time with the patient and gain their trust and rapport. The first appointment, I might get to look at them and give them a high five. That's as far as we get, but then they keep coming back. Pretty soon we're showing them different things, the air-water syringe. Then they're opening their mouth, and they're letting me look, or we start them with the hygienist. We'll take it as far as they're comfortable. It's all about gaining the trust and rapport.

Treating the disease is important, but our primary focus is on treating the patient. The most valuable thing by far, the greatest asset I have as a doctor is the trust that people put in me. I never want to compromise it. I will do whatever it takes to build it, to enhance it, to preserve it, even if it means not getting that procedure done today.

Your child’s first visit to our Billings, MT dentist office is meant to be a “Happy Visit.” The first visit is intended to start your child off with some preliminary examinations and also to let your child get used to visiting the office. We want your child to feel like our Billings, MT dentist office is a happy, fun place to visit. This first interaction between your child and our office will have a huge impact on how your child feels about going to the dentist later in life, so we try to make their pediatric dentistry experience as stress-free as possible. Building a relationship between your child and our staff while they are young will help them to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed during future visits.

At about age 3, we will begin more thorough dental care. During these pediatric dentistry visits, we will start off by cleaning and polishing your child’s teeth. We will also take X-rays and perform a preliminary examination. Any additional dental work we do will be determined by your preference as a parent and by your child’s capabilities – we will not push to do anything you or your child are not comfortable with. You are welcome to stay with your child for the entire visit and to ask as many questions as you would like. We love to encourage education and want our patients to feel comfortable with our staff, equipment, and procedures.

Preventive procedures and education are part of pediatric dentistry procedures, which are also the best ways to avoid dental problems in the future. We offer a wide range of preventive services and products. The services listed below are just a selection of what we offer here at Legacy Smiles.


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