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Preventive Dentistry From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

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Dentistry for the last 150 years has been very, very focused on prevention. The truth of it is, we don't have any material or any technique better than what Mother Nature created for us in the first place. When we can prevent problems, we're all about that. Even in the past 10 years, we now know that periodontal disease if left diagnosed can wreak havoc in other areas of your body: double your risk for heart attack, triple your risk for stroke, low-birth-weight babies – the list goes on and on about what periodontal disease can contribute to. Preventing that and starting on that prevention program early when we're young is a big deal.

In fact, it actually starts when they're kids. We bring the little children in, and we will always tell their parents, 'You're going to have to help your children brush their teeth clear up until they're 9 or 10. Even though they're doing it themselves, they're missing areas.'' We give the parents as much instruction as we do the kids. We try to encourage the parents and the kids to start the flossing early. Even on the little ones because if nothing else, it cements in their mind that flossing is just as important as brushing.

If we can get people to use a mechanical toothbrush, I personally belief in the Braun. You've got two choices: the Oral-B Braun type of toothbrush, or you've got the Sonicare type of thing. I can honestly say for 20-plus years, there was never a toothbrush on the market, mechanical electric toothbrush on the market, that was even worth buying. They were all junk. In the last seven years, yeah, with the Oral-B that's come out and even the Sonicare, now you've got some viable solutions because it will increase your efficiency by 2 or 300 percent.

We put together a program where we just encourage brushing, flossing, and Waterpiking. Waterpiking, back when I was a kid, most people didn't even know what a Waterpik was. If you did, it was because you had braces, and your orthodontist might have suggested a Waterpik. Now, we have all of our patients using them. We found that if we can get people on a really good home regimen, their oral health is impeccable.

What is the goal of preventive dentistry? At Legacy Smiles, we offer a wide range of preventive dentistry services. We understand that keeping your mouth healthy is just as important as treating it when it is not. By participating in some of our preventive dentistry options, we can help you to avoid dental health problems down the road.

Cleanings and Exams

We offer cleanings and exams to our patients at every visit. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit the dentist at least twice per year for regular cleanings and checkups. This is the number one way to prevent oral health issues and catch any developing problems early.


We offer sealants in order to protect your teeth from cavities and decay. The sealant is often made of a plastic material that is applied to the chewing surfaces of your molars and pre-molars where decay most often occurs. Sealants are great for kids and teenagers but can benefit adults as well. Sealants block out bacteria and acid that may cause damage to your teeth.


Fluoride applications are another great way to prevent future damage to your teeth. Fluoride is a substance often found in tap water, many foods and beverages, and toothpaste. This mineral helps to strengthen enamel and is recommended by the ADA to help prevent decay. Our office offers fluoride treatments and varnishes to help protect your teeth. Fluoride treatments are used to give your teeth a quick dose while varnishes are used for long-lasting protection.


We use the NTI tension suppression system to protect your teeth from damage due to teeth grinding or clenching, otherwise known as bruxism. This system is a plastic tray that fits into your mouth and allows your jaw to relax. Excessive grinding and clenching can damage your teeth and lead to headaches and jaw pain. If you believe you might be suffering from bruxism or another TMJ problem, please call our office today at (406) 794-3114. Let Dr. Stuart help restore your comfort and protect your teeth from further damage.

Nutritional Counseling

Poor nutrition is one of the top causes of tooth decay. Learning more about the right things to eat and drink can be one of the best things you do to keep your mouth and body healthy. Our friendly and knowledgeable hygienists and Billings, MT dentist can steer you in the right direction in terms of what you should eat and drink to protect your oral health.

Dental Health Education

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I like Dr. Stuart, and I like Lisa. They really do a good job for me. When I came here, I had a lot of problems with my teeth, and he's been great. I came here about 15 years ago, because I was having problems with the previous dentist I had. He was wanting to give me implants, then looking at dentures. I didn't want to do that. Coming to Dr. Stuart, he was willing to work with me. He said, 'No, we can, we can remedy that problem.' He's done really well with that. Dr. Stuart was really informative. He walked me through everything, told me how I needed to do certain cleaning, how to keep up with everything I needed to do. I also quit drinking pop, which he was really happy, because it's really helped me to also keep my teeth. He's been very supportive. As always, willing to go the extra. I've had a few times where I've had to make appointments, and I know that he's been at home with his family, and he’s always willing to come in and help out, so that's nice.

In addition to professional cleanings, exams, and proper nutrition, at-home care is one of the most important aspects of a healthy smile. We can help you learn the proper way to brush (twice a day every day) and floss (at least once per day, please) for optimum dental health. Ask one of our hygienists or our Billings, MT dentist, Dr. Stuart about other things you can do to help protect yourself. Knowledge is power.

Ultra Cavity Detection

Many dentists employ a tool called a dental explorer to locate cavities. A dental explorer is a small hooked probe that is used to feel out and inspect the surfaces of your teeth. X-rays are also used, but they only see cavities in between your teeth. Even employing both of these methods, decay under the surface of your tooth can often be missed.

For this reason, our Billings, MT dentist office uses CariVu Caries Detection and DIAGNOdent. CariVu uses transillumination technology to show abnormalities in the tooth.  DIAGNOdent is a tool uses small laser pulses to probe the tooth, which more effectively locates decay in all areas of the tooth. We want to make sure we catch small problems before they turn into large ones – saving you time and money in the long run.

Ultrasonic Technology

In preventive dentistry, our Billings, MT dentist uses ultrasonics for cleaning your teeth. During a scaling procedure, our scaling device vibrates at ultrasonic speeds in order to break up plaque and other buildup. These tools allow us to provide higher quality care, reaching and cleaning places unable to otherwise be accessed. Your long-term dental health is our priority, so providing the most current technology on the market is important to us.

Take-Home Preventive Products

While we offer lots of great in-office preventive dentistry services to ward off dental health issues long-term, our Billings, MT dentist also provide some options that allow you to take better care of your oral health at home.

  • Oral B electric toothbrushes – A high-quality toothbrush that allows you to reach and clean your whole mouth better than a regular toothbrush.
  • Oxyfresh products – Oxyfresh makes a large range of dental care and hygiene products. You can get them right here in our office.
  • Waterpiks – This “water flosser” uses water pressure to get in between your teeth for a better clean.

To make an appointment for preventive dentistry, call our Billings, MT dentist office at (406) 794-3114 or use our online form. We’d be happy to help you keep your smile healthy.


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