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Oral Surgery Options | Billings, MT Dentist | Legacy Smiles

Oral Surgery Options From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

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Our oral surgery options are pretty much limited to wisdom teeth, implants and biopsies, and those types of oral surgery procedures. When it comes to doing the big surgeries where we advance someone's entire mandible by cutting it in half and things like that, I just work with some awesome oral surgeons to do those types of procedures. We do most of our own wisdom teeth and occasionally I'll look at that X-ray and say, 'You know, I'm not so sure I want to do those because that's going to create some post-operative problems.' I'd rather have them hate the oral surgeon than hate me, so I'll send them over to the oral surgeon. We do most of the oral surgery here when it comes to wisdom teeth, implants, and biopsies and things like that.

At Legacy Smiles, we take care of all our patients’ needs under one roof. Many dental offices rely only on the simplest of procedures to treat their patients and refer them out to specialists when things get complicated. At our Billings, MT dentist office, we can provide whatever treatments you need, including oral surgery.

What is oral surgery? As a dental healthcare provider with almost 30 years of experience, Dr. Stuart has extensive knowledge and understanding of the skills necessary to perform all levels of treatment. He even has participated in continued education courses in order to provide oral surgery options to his patients. Below are some of the services our Billings, MT dentist office can provide.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a service generally offered by many dental offices. However, many offices do not take on more complicated cases, such as an impacted wisdom tooth. At our Billings, MT dentist office, we can take care of wisdom teeth and any tooth removal need you may have. You may need a tooth removed if you have a severely damaged, decayed, or diseased tooth. An examination by Dr. Stuart can help determine which treatment your situation requires.

Periodontal Surgery

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We work with about 15 dental offices here in Billings, and we travel to Missoula, Great Falls, Miles City, Lewistown, and we bring the capability to provide IV sedation and general anesthesia to both pediatric and adult patients into the dental office. Now, I guess the benefit of this is it saves the patient from having to go to a hospital setting or a substantially more expensive oral surgery center. For healthy patients, it can be offered safely and efficiently in the comfort of the dental office.

Dr. Stuart's fantastic. He is phenomenal. He's a very good dentist. He's got a fun personality. He's fun to be around. In fact, when we came into Billings, like I said, we relocated here in April of 2014, he was one of the first offices that I actually met with. I was referred to him by a colleague. I went over. We just knocked on his door and we kind of got talking and explained what we can do and how it can benefit his practice. He saw the potential from day one. He invited us in. He was very welcoming.

We've had the opportunity to come and work with him multiple times throughout our time here in Billings and it's been a good ... I think a good thing for both of us. There's different things that kind of make coming into a dental environment more challenging. We can take that part of the equation out. We could take it away, so then Dr. Stuart can focus on providing the best dental care possible.

Surgery is sometimes required to solve instances of severe gum disease. Diseased tissue can be removed in order to save surrounding tissue from becoming infected. We can also graft tissue in place to restore a damaged area. Periodontal surgery is an option for those determined by Dr. Stuart to have serious periodontal problems. Periodontal treatment can help you achieve a healthier smile for life.


A gingivectomy is a specific procedure used to remove gum tissue. The removal of gum tissue can be required due to disease or often to a “gummy smile.” A gingivectomy is a great option to correct an overly gummy smile because it gives Dr. Stuart the ability to sculpt your gums to match whatever appearance you desire. Let us help you look your best.

Bone Grafting

This type of surgery is sometimes required before placing dental implants. Dental implants require adequate bone structure in order to have a secure foundation, so it is sometimes necessary to build up that foundation before placement. Placing dental implants also requires surgery in order to embed the implant into your gums. We can do all of that right here in our office. You will never have to worry about being sent all over town for multiple appointments just to solve one problem.

Relieving Your Dental Anxiety

We understand that the idea of oral surgery procedures may be a little daunting. That’s why we offer many different options for relieving your dental anxiety right here in our office. We offer longer appointments to cater to your needs, semi-private operatories, four levels of sedation, and other comfort options. Our caring, friendly staff can help you with whatever you need while you are visiting our office. Know that you are in good hands when you visit Legacy Smiles.

Make an appointment today by calling our Billings, MT dentist office at (406) 794-3114 or using our online form. We would be happy to provide whatever treatment is necessary for a happier, healthier smile.


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