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Make Your Dentures Better With Mini Implants

  • March 21, 2016
Dental Implants | Billings, MT Dentist | Legacy Smiles

You’re getting older, and you can tell.

You can’t run around with your grandkids the way you used to. It takes you a little longer to recover when you finish working in the yard or your garden.

And it’s not just your muscles that are feeling the effects. Your teeth have gotten worse over the years.

You’ve had partial dentures for a little while, but you can see a full set in your near future. You know how difficult it is to chew with what you have now. You have to believe it’s only going to be worse when you lose the rest of your real teeth.

Maybe there is another option. Maybe you should call the dentist at Legacy Smiles in Billings, MT, to ask about their same day smile solution.

Imagine A Stronger Mouth

Picture yourself walking into the dentist’s office with no teeth and walking out able to eat anything you want for the first time in years.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

When you lost your few teeth years ago you probably didn’t realize how much it could affect your day-to-day life. You may have thought a tooth or two can’t make that much of a difference, can it?

Then you noticed the looks you would get when people saw your smile — or rather when they saw the vacant space in your smile.

Eating was OK, at first, but your remaining teeth may have started to drift. This affected your bite and your ability to chew certain foods.

Eventually, you had to have more teeth pulled out, and you got the partial dentures to fill out your smile. You could chew, but it still wasn’t the same as when you had all your teeth.

At least your smile looked more like your old smile again.

Full Dentures

Most people who lose a complete arch of teeth or all their teeth end up getting dentures.

No one likes walking around toothless. Dentures can help you feel more comfortable whenever you go out in public or get together with family and friends.

But if you are counting on dentures to help you eat better, you may be disappointed.

Studies have shown that dentures wearers only have about one-fifth or one-sixth of the bite force of people with a full set of natural teeth.

Since the average bite force for a person is between 200 and 250 pounds. This means a denture wearer might have a maximum bite force of 50 pounds.

Try biting into an apple with that. Try chewing up a piece of steak with that. It’s not easy to do.

While they may not know the math behind it, many dentures wearers become painfully aware that they can’t eat the same foods that they used to eat.

As a result, many of them adjust their diets instead. They quit eating the foods that they want to eat and instead stick with softer, mushier options.

Even if you love soup and mashed potatoes, you probably want some variety in your diet.

This is why you should be asking about dental implants.

Implant Solution

What are dental implants? Think of them as substitutes for the roots of your teeth.

Dentures replace the crowns of your teeth. That is that part of your teeth that is visible to the world. The roots are the anchors that hold your teeth in place.

But the roots also provided support, which is why you could generate more than enough bite force to eat the foods that you enjoy.

Dentures, but themselves, are like crowns without roots. Dental implants serve as the roots that will hold your dentures in place and allow you to bite with a force comparable to a full set of teeth.

With regular dental implants, you may have them placed and then wait for your mouth to heal before your dentures can be attached.

But there is a faster way to get the results that you want – mini dental implants. These are smaller than traditional implants, which reduces your recovery time.

In fact, we call this our same day smile. We can place the mini implants in your jaw and attach your dentures during the same appointment.

Big Improvements

Before you get a set of dentures, find out how much of a difference our same day smile solution can make.

If you live in our near Billings, MT, a few hours in our dentist office can completely change your mouth. You can smile with pride and celebrate with a delicious meal without worrying about your dentures falling out.

Make the most of your dentures with mini dental implants. Call (406) 794-3114 or fill out our online form to learn more.


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