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Invisalign Can Straighten Out Your Orthodontic Issues

  • May 17, 2016
Meet The Team | Billings, MT - Legacy Smiles

Welcome to the Legacy Smiles blog! We are your trusted source for dentistry solutions.

Now that summer is almost here, we just have one question for you: is your smile camera ready?

If so, great! Then we’ll just plan to see you for your next preventive appointment.

If not, we’d love to go over a great orthodontic option. It’s designed for adults who want to boost the appearance of their smile without signing on for 2-3 years of hassles and hecklers.

It’s called Invisalign, and we think you’ll be impressed enough after reading this post to schedule your adult orthodontic consultation in our Billings, Montana office.

No Need For Metal

What is the first thing that people will notice about you? Your smile! And what is the first thing that people will notice about your smile if you are wearing classic braces? Metal! Lots of clunky metal brackets and wires working together to get you a better smile. Hey, it has worked for millions of people over the years. But, if we are being honest, metal does not look good or feel good in your mouth. We have never heard anyone make a case to the contrary.

Here’s the thing: if you are wearing old-school braces as an adult, you will be stuck with that at-times obnoxious gear installed in your mouth 24/7 without any break. Even after your monthly in-office tune-ups (for which you’ll probably have to take time off of work), you will experience discomfort, mouth sores, and a fair amount of embarrassment, not to mention the irritation caused by all the food that inevitably gets trapped in that kind of hardware. That’s just what you have to put up with.

As such, you will need to regularly apply waxes, and carry around special tools for cleaning. And you can kiss your favorite foods goodbye until a much later date.

But here’s some good news: with Invisalign, there is no need for metal! This system works through a series of clear, nearly invisible, plastic aligners. They can’t be seen by outsiders and they fit comfortably in your mouth. You switch them out on your own every two weeks to keep the process moving forward.

No Need For Hassles

With Invisalign, you won’t have any need for time away from work, waxes, tools, and dietary adjustments, let alone explanations for your peers.

Plus, get this: the aligners can be taken out at any time you deem necessary. You can take a break to eat, rinse them off, or snap a selfie with friends. Just so you know, they still must be worn for the majority of every day during treatment. But this is quite an improvement over the situation folks had to endure in earlier eras of dentistry.

In the end, your resulting smile will blow you away. There will be no more hesitation on your part to share a laugh, a drink, or a conversation with others. With any luck, the process can be completely wrapped up in about 12 months.

So, why not learn more and get started today?

No Need To Wait!

The team here at Legacy Smiles is ready to help you transform your troubled teeth today! Contact us to set up your Invisalign consultation in Billings!


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