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Go Nuts With Dental Crowns, Bridges

  • January 1, 2016
Relieving Dental Anxiety | Billings, MT Dentist | Legacy Smiles

You see it in your children and your grandchildren’s faces every time you smile. They feel uncomfortable because of your teeth.

Maybe you have teeth that are a discolored in some way. Maybe you are missing a tooth or three. As much as you know your family loves you, you can tell they are bothered by your teeth, even if they never say anything.

You’ve heard your friends talking about dental crowns and bridges, but you haven’t asked what a dental crown is. You know your friends who have them are happy that they got their crowns, and they seem to be able to eat anything they want.

You wish you could do that, too.

Maybe it’s time to call Legacy Smiles in Billings, MT. They do dental crowns and bridges, and your friends who go there have said the staff is friendly and caring.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

As we get older, our bodies just don’t work as well as they used to. That includes our teeth.

Our teeth become worn down, and if we use some teeth more than others, those teeth will wear down even faster.

That may explain why you have teeth that are darker or more yellow in one part of your mouth. It’s probably not a coincidence that those teeth feel weaker and more sensitive than the rest of your mouth, too.

It may also explain why you’ve lost a tooth, or two, or three, in the past few years. At first, you thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. What difference does a tooth or two make? It’s turns out it makes a bigger difference than you realized.

You used to be able to eat anything you wanted. You could grab a handful of nuts for a quick snack while watching television. You could get some popcorn to nibble on during a movie.

Now, biting into something hard takes a lot more effort, and those popcorn kernels that didn’t pop all the way — well, let’s just say they have you thinking twice about getting popcorn ever again.

If your teeth have been damaged by decay, you may have noticed that they seem more sensitive. You have to let your coffee cool off in the morning, and it just doesn’t taste as good that way.

It’s not just hard foods and hot drinks that are problems, either. You can’t even enjoy steak and hamburgers. They seem so hard to chew. It takes so much effort to get through just half of one.

Could a dental crown or bridge help you eat whatever you want again?

You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Smile

When you were younger, you used to smile so big when someone wanted you to pose for a picture.

Now, you worry about those pictures showing up on Facebook, where your friends and family will see them … and your teeth. You’re glad that Facebook has helped you reconnect with your friends, you just wish there were fewer pictures of you on there.

If you could restore the look of your teeth, then you know you would smile again, as big as you ever did.

You think about another friend. He seemed so down when he chipped those teeth after his accident when he was working at home.

For months, he avoided going out in public because he didn’t want people to see his teeth. After he got his crowns, he seemed to come back to life. He seemed more confident, too.

Could a dental crown or bridge do the same thing for you?

Get Back To Being You

Dental crowns and bridges are replacements for your missing or weak, discolored teeth.

If you still have your teeth, Legacy Smiles can remove the parts that are damaged, decayed, or discolored. The tooth is reshaped into an abutment, and a BruxZir dental crown made of zirconia can be bonded to your tooth.

The zirconia crowns look like teeth, so you will feel comfortable smiling again. Plus, they are sturdy, which means you can eat nuts and steak and popcorn without worry.

If you are missing a tooth, your dental crown can be placed on a dental implant (which replaces the root of your tooth).

Dental bridges are great if you need to replace multiple teeth. Just like crowns, they can be bonded onto an abutment or they can be placed on dental implants.

Either way, you get your smile back and your ability to eat anything you want.

Don’t Wait Another Year

If you are ready to learn more about dental crowns and bridges, you owe it to yourself to call the dentist at Legacy Smiles in Billings, MT.

You can make an appointment with our online form or by calling (406) 794-3114.


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