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Four Benefits Of Dental Bridges

  • February 21, 2016
Dentistry for Diabetics 1 | Legacy Smiles - Billings, MT

You’ve got a problem. You have a tooth that needs to be removed, and one of the adjacent teeth is showing some early signs of tooth decay.

If you don’t do something about it, you know that you could lose more teeth soon.

What can you do? What should you do?

If you live in or near Billings, MT, then you should contact Legacy Smiles. Our dentist can examine your teeth and determine if a dental crown could help you.

Today, we will discuss four benefits of having a dental bridge.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to fill in a gap created by a missing tooth. In some cases, this gap may already exist, or we may create the gap by extracting a tooth that can’t be saved with another procedure.

A bridge is made of at least three dental crowns that are fused together.

Bridges can be created one of two ways. For some patients, we prepare the teeth on either side of their gaps as if they would receive a dental crown. Those teeth are reshaped into abutments.

The crowns on both end of the dental bridges are bonded to these abutment teeth. The crowns in the middle (known as pontics) span the gap in your mouth.

If you are missing a couple teeth or need to have a few teeth removed, another option is to place your dental bridge on dental implants. The implants are placed into your jawbone and they provide the foundation that holds your bridge securely in place.

Our dental bridges are made with BruxZir solid zirconia. This makes them stronger than most porcelain bridges. BruxZir is resistant to chipping and it is coated with a glaze that resists plaque build-up.

#1. A Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

Losing your teeth can make you self-conscious. You should feel comfortable smiling and laughing, but you may feel uncomfortable showing your teeth if some of those teeth are missing.

Some people become so worried about showing their teeth that they do whatever they can to hide their mouths. They use their hands to hide their when they speak. They use a napkin to cover their mouth when they sit down for a meal, and they keep their lips firmly closed in photos.

Dental bridges are designed to look like real teeth. When you bridge is placed, your smile will look whole when you flash your pearly whites for the camera.

#2. A Bridge Can Restore Your Ability To Chew

One of the biggest problems with missing or damaged teeth is you may have trouble eating.

A single missing tooth can make it more difficult to bite into something crunchy or crispy. Missing teeth also make chewing can become more difficult.

You may try to compensate by chewing with the other side of your mouth. But really, you are putting more wear and tear on those teeth, making it more likely that those teeth will develop problems, too.

A solid BruxZir dental crown is strong enough to withstand the daily grind on your teeth, which means you can eat anything you would like.

#3. A Bridge Can Restore Your Ability To Speak

If you’ve ever heard a child speak when he or she loses a baby tooth, then you understand how missing teeth can affect how you pronounce your words.

We know this is a temporary state for children because their adult teeth still need to come in. For adults, the prospect of speaking that way for the rest of their lives may make them hesitant to tell a story, share a joke, or just be social.

With a dental bridge, you will be able to pronounce your words the same as you do now.

#4. A Bridge Can Keep Your Other Teeth In Place

Teeth work together. Your teeth provide mutual support for one another every day. This is what keeps your teeth in pretty much the same position.

When you lose a tooth or teeth, your remaining teeth lose part of their support system. As a result they may start to drift out of their normal positions. This can add to your problems with biting, chewing, and speaking.

By filling in that gap, a dental bridge will provide the support needed to keep your remaining teeth where they should be.

Keep Smiling

In a perfect world, you would keep all of your teeth throughout your life. Unfortunately, many people lose one or more teeth at some point. If that happens to you, Legacy Smiles is here to help.

A dental bridge can help you keep your smile, continue eating and speaking, and help protect your remaining healthy teeth.

If you live in or near Billings, MT, call our dentist office at (406) 794-3114 or fill out our online form to make an appointment or to learn how a dental bridge could help you.




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