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Easy Steps To A Healthier Smile In Billings, MT

  • October 12, 2016
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Our leader, Dr. Michael Stuart, has practiced dentistry for almost 30 years. So, it is safe to say that our Billings dentist’s office really has seen it all. And over the last few decades, we’ve improved the teeth and gums of countless Montana-based patients. That’s why, if you live in the area, you wouldn’t want to trust your oral health to any place other than Legacy Smiles.

Today we want to talk about how you can avoid costly dental problems just by avoiding certain foods and beverages, and by coming to see Dr. Stuart every 6 months for a professional teeth cleaning and oral exam.

Keep reading, and then be sure to contact us to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment!


Look, this is a trap that many folks fall into. But you could save yourself a lot of trouble by watching your soft drink intake. There are a few things to consider with this one. Just like Coke and Pepsi, Iced Tea will stain your teeth, over time, if it is a daily habit.

And with as much sugar as a can of regular soda pop (or sweet tea) contains, it is not the smartest choice for your teeth. Many sodas also contain caramel and fructose, which is basically sugar that coats and sticks to your teeth.

Don’t be tricked by the diet soda options either. Even though diet soda doesn’t have “sugar,” per se, all soda is high in acidity. That acid can erode your enamel, making cavities much more likely to appear.

When in doubt, grab a water!


Coffee is appealing in the morning, there is no doubt about it. But coffee gradually stains your teeth, turning your formerly pearly whites into a dark shade of brownish-yellow.

More than that, most coffee drinks have so much sugar in them, they’re as bad for your teeth as a fountain Big Red.

Alcoholic Beverages

The problem with alcoholic drinks is that they dry out your mouth.

While consuming boozy concoctions, your mouth won’t make the right amount of saliva, which you will need to help wash away particles of food or drink from your teeth and gums, keeping them safe.

Additionally, certain alcoholic drinks (like the fake-fruity ones) are loaded with sugar making them rather bad for your teeth. And, remember: if red wine is your favorite, you will also be staining your teeth with every glass. Plus, there are other bad decisions that can be made while drinking which could put your oral health at risk.


We know that staying hydrated is important, especially during the hot months. But Dr. Stuart will tell you that sports drinks, like Gatorade, are really meant to be consumed only after you’ve been sweating a lot. Not just for quenching an ordinary thirst. This is why they contain carbohydrates, which is really just another form of sugar.

While Gatorade might not taste as sweet as soda to you, it can still do the same damage to your teeth. During sporting events, water is always your better choice (find some with fluoride).


Largely considered a health food (when not drowned in hot butter and salt), popcorn can still be dangerous to those who consume it.

Here’s why Dr. Stuart thinks so: little chunks of popcorn can easily get stuck between your teeth, which is precisely where harmful bacteria is waiting to attack. The dangerous bacteria can thrive by feeding on those tiny pieces of popcorn that are stuck there, increasing your potential for future cavities and gum disease.

Besides, biting into an unpopped kernel (which is hard enough to damage or break your teeth) can end badly. Dr. Stuart has seen his fair share of dental emergencies that were caused by popcorn eating gone awry! So, look out!


Ice is hard. That is bad. Chewing Ice can seriously damage your teeth. The chance of breaking a tooth is real and chewing ice also wears down the enamel of your teeth. This could lead to hot/cold sensitivity issues and decay. It can also create problems for your gums. Let it thaw and then drink some nice, cold water!

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We hope you know more than you did 10 minutes ago about which foods and beverages to avoid. All you have to do now is contact Legacy Smiles to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment in Billings, MT!


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