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Dentists Do More Than Fix Teeth | Billings, MT

  • November 8, 2015

Dentists care about their patients’ teeth. You probably already know that, but they can do a lot more than just give you a cleaning.

Did you know dentists can help you sleep better? Did you know that dentists may help detect cancer?

And did you know that dentists just might be able to give you more confidence, too?

At Legacy Smiles in Billings, we want to show you everything the dentist can do for you. You might even start looking forward to seeing us.

Healthy gums

You know when you make a dental appointment that the dentist or dental hygienist is going to take a really close look at your teeth. We are also taking a close look at your gums.

The same problems — plaque and tartar — that can hurt your teeth can also harm your gums. You can help prevent this with regular brushing and flossing and having routine cleanings in our office.

You may be suffering from gum disease if your gums bleed easily, appear swollen, or are pulling away from your teeth. If we find signs of periodontal disease, you will be glad to know that we can treat it.

In addition to scaling and root planing, we also use laser treatments to remove the bad things that may have built up under your gums. You may also receive special mouthrinses or medications to knock out infections.

Rest assured that we can help no matter the issue with your gums.

Oral cancer screenings

We have had patients come to our office for routine cleanings, but our team has found other more serious problems.

In one instance, we noticed something seemed wrong with a patient’s thyroid (a gland located in your throat). Our staff recommended that she see her physician.

As it turned out, this patient had thyroid cancer. Because our experts were able to identify that something was wrong, that patient received treatment before her condition caused serious consequences.

Going to the dentist isn’t just about keeping your teeth. It could even save your life.

TMJ disorders

You may have heard of TMJ disorders, or TMD, but unless you’ve experienced it, you may not know what they are. Your dentist does, and that is a good thing.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This joint serves as a hinge for your jaw. It’s what allows you to chew your food and open and close your mouth when you speak. It’s certainly important in our everyday lives.

TMJ disorders can leave your jaw feeling sore or tender after you eat. You might even have trouble chewing certain foods. TMD can also lead to headaches and sore muscles in your shoulders and neck.

TMJ disorders can result from accidents. Maybe you tripped and ran into something with your jaw. Maybe someone else wasn’t paying attention to their surroundings and accidentally hit you with something they were carrying.

TMD can also develop as a result of clenching or grinding your teeth. Many times, people do this subconsciously either because of stress or in their sleep. Whether they are aware of it or not, it’s still causing problems.

If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above or your teeth show signs of wear due to grinding, now would be a good time to talk to our dental staff.

We offer treatment options that can relieve the side effects of TMD and treat the underlying causes. And that can make your life a lot less painful.

Giving you a reason to smile

We all want to have a healthy mouth. Not only does it make it easier to do things we need to do (like eating a delicious meal), it also can make us more comfortable in social situations.

If you don’t like something about your teeth, feeling happy also can leave you feeling self-conscious. Having yellow or stained teeth, a missing tooth, or crooked teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed about your smile.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, it’s OK. Lots of people don’t like something about their smiles. Now matter the reason, we offer a number of services to give you the smile you want and deserve.

Our team can give restore your smile by giving you a whiter, straighter, and fuller set of teeth. You might be surprised how much a beautiful smile gives you more confidence.

Call us any time

We want to be part of keeping you healthy and happy. The dentist should be a place where you feel like you are going to meet a friend, and we want to be that place for you.

We’ll watch for problems and even help solve them.

If you live in or near Billings, call Legacy Smiles today at 406-794-3114 to make an appointment, or stop by our office at 2700 Grand Avenue, Suite D, in Billings.


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