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Dental Implants Restore More Than Smiles

  • February 28, 2016
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How strong is your bite?

We don’t expect you to know the answer, but in case you were wondering, human have an average bite force between 200 and 250 pounds.

That’s more than enough to tear into a hamburger or steak or to take a bite of a juicy piece of fried chicken. It’s also more than enough to chomp down on an apple or some buttery corn on the cob.

Unfortunately, many, if not most, people will lose a tooth or teeth during their lifetime. This can affect your ability to bite and chew your food.

What’s the best way to restore your bite force if you live in or near Billings, MT? That’s easy. Get dental implants at Legacy Smiles dentist office.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics for your teeth.

You’ve heard of prosthetic arms and legs to replace missing limbs. A dental implant does the same thing, except for the root of a missing tooth.

The root is the anchor that holds your tooth in your alveolar bone or your jawbone.

A dental implant is a titanium cylinder that can be placed into your bone to replace the lost root.

What’s So Bad About Losing A Tooth?

If you lose a tooth or you need a tooth extraction, it’s important to replace it if at all possible.

A single missing tooth can create a variety of problems in your mouth.

Your teeth are just isolated on little islands. They work together to help you eat the foods that your enjoy. They provide mutual support for one another, which is what keeps your teeth in virtually the same place in your mouth.

When one of your teeth is removed, it affects the support system for the teeth nearby. Without that one tooth, the adjacent teeth may start to drift in your mouth, which can affect even more teeth.

But that’s just the problem you can see. Another problem may be developing below your gumline.

The roots of your tooth help your bone as well. The roots provided stimulation that trigger new bone growth, which keeps your bone healthy and strong.

If you remove one tooth, the bone density in that part of your mouth can decrease by up to 25 percent in one year. You may not think that is a big deal until it affects the teeth next to your gap.

As your bone density decreases, nearby teeth may become loose and fall out. This can cause your bone loss to speed up and eventually all the teeth in that arch could be at risk. Deardoctor.com created an illustration that shows how lost bone density can affect the appearance of your face.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

As we mentioned, dental implants replace the roots of your missing tooth.

Like your roots, dental implants stimulate the bone in your mouth. This encourages fresh bone growth, which helps you maintain your bone density. This is good for the teeth next to your dental implant and for the implant, too.

As the bone grows, it will bond to your dental implant. This holds your implant firmly and securely in place.

In turn, this means your dental implant can serve as a solid foundation for other restorative services.

For a patient who lost a single tooth, we can place a dental crown onto your implant. This way, the implant provides the anchor, while the crown provides support for your remaining teeth.

For a patient who needs to replace multiple teeth, dental implants can provide a foundation for a dental bridge or partial dentures. Again, this means your remaining teeth have the support that they need, and you can eat the foods that you like.

What about for patients who need full dentures? Dental implants are great for you, too.

Traditional dentures are good for restoring the appearance of your smile, but people with dentures don’t have anything near 200 to 250 pounds of bite force. In fact, 50 pounds of bite force is about the best many people can get with traditional dentures.

If you have implant-secured or implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, you can get something close or equal to your original bite force as your mouth heals after your procedure.

You just have to ask yourself if you prefer fresh, crisp apples or applesauce.

Your Bite Force Matters

Losing a tooth can limit what you are able to eat, but dental implants from Legacy Smiles can help you get back the bite force you used to have. Then, you can bite into anything you like and chew it comfortably.

To learn more about dental implants, stop by our dentist office in Billings, MT, call us at (406) 794-3114, or use our online form to make an appointment.


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