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Dental Implants Are Your Best Bet In Billings, MT

  • November 2, 2016
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It is always good to have a highly-skilled dentist that you can turn to in your time of need. Dr. Stuart is just such an expert when it comes to dental implants. So you know you will be in good hands at Legacy Smiles should you ever need to restore your smile, and you live in the Billings, MT area.

In the aftermath of adult tooth loss, you will, obviously, be missing teeth. But that is not the worst of it. You will also be missing out on the foods you love to eat, your youthful appearance, and all the opportunities to smile that you used to take for granted.

That’s why we think your best bet for taking your life back is a dental implant procedure.

Keep reading to hear more about what dental implants are all about, and then be sure to get in touch with our team to arrange for your restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Stuart.

Dental Implants Are Easy In Billings, MT

What are dental implants? Basically, dental implants are replacements for your natural tooth roots. They are strong and durable. In fact, the implants we use are made of titanium and they look a lot like a little screw. Implants are hollowed out, and the center of them is threaded as well. This allows us to attach any number of different caps, abutments, and appliances. That way we can find the best solution for your needs.

Dr. Stuart makes the process easy. When you come in for the first part of your procedure, the dental implants will be screwed into your jaw through a minor surgical procedure that happens right here on-site. After they are in place, they are allowed to heal and fuse with the bone over the course of several months, give or take.

After the necessary healing period, you will simply return to our Billings, MT dentist’s office to have your new crown, denture or permanent teeth affixed to the implant. It’s that simple!

Implants Boost Oral Health

Here’s the thing: when you have missing teeth, the jaw bone structure where your tooth used to be begins to deteriorate. This deterioration can pose a threat to the surrounding teeth and possibly your whole mouth. Lucky for you, implants stop this loss of bone mass. They are also healthier than conventional dentures because they don’t provide a place for bacteria to gather waiting to cause disease and decay.

Our Implant Varieties

We have great options when it comes to dental implants. Your choices include mini implants, All-on-4 (a full set of replacement teeth placed on 4 strategically placed implants), All-on-6 (same as All-on-4 but with six implants), and implant-retained dentures. We also offer a Same Day Smile option, where your smile can be restored in just one day. To figure out which way is best for you, you will need to schedule your consultation with Dr. Stuart. Then we’ll get right to work!

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope you have been inspired to take the next step towards a better smile. All you have to do is contact Legacy Smiles today, and we’ll take care of the rest!


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