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Dental Crowns Can Do So Many Things For Your Smile

  • May 9, 2017
Dental Crowns & Bridges 3 | Legacy Smiles - Billings, MT

When you have a tooth or two that’s damaged, discolored, or missing, you can feel too embarrassed to smile. What will people think? That’s bad enough, but damaged teeth can get worse over time if they’re not treated.

Call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-794-3114 to make an appointment for dental crowns. These restorative dentistry treatments will both repair and beautify your problem teeth. Dr. Stuart is your dentist in Billings, MT that can also use dental crowns to replace any missing teeth.

Dental Crowns Explained

What is a dental crown? It’s like a cover for your damaged teeth. A dental crown is made to look and feel like a healthy version of a damaged tooth. It’s hollow, so it fits snugly over your tooth. Once in place, all damage and imperfections are hidden from sight. Plus, you get an added layer of protection to keep that tooth from getting worse.

The dental crown procedure is simple, and Dr. Stuart has done this for many people over the years. First, the tooth and surrounding area are numbed. Then a thin layer of enamel is gently removed. (This is so your dental crown doesn’t make your tooth look bigger than the other ones.) Finally, Dr. Stuart uses his advanced training to expertly place the dental crown over the tooth.

The Benefits Of Getting Dental Crowns

You’ve probably already figured out the main benefit of a dental crown — it repairs a damaged tooth. But there are other benefits as well from this restorative dentistry treatment.


It’s really hard to hide a gap in your smile left behind by a missing tooth. The dark space contrasts too much with your white teeth. Besides not look right, your dental health is in jeopardy. Your other teeth will start to slide towards the gap, and you can start having bite problems that lead to worn enamel and TMJ pain.

By calling our Billings dentist today, you can get an appointment for a dental bridge or a dental implant. Both use dental crowns as beautiful but durable replacements for lost teeth.


Although the enamel on your teeth is very tough, it’s not perfect. (Nothing is.) After so many years of chewing and drinking, your teeth can start to lose their luster. Instead of white, they become dull and brownish. Plus, you can have irregularly shaped enamel. This can be genetic or it can come from wearing down the teeth.

Call Legacy Smiles today at 406-794-3114 to get dental crowns that will cover and hide those imperfections. Because they cover the visible part of your tooth, dental crowns will turn an unsightly tooth into one that looks great.


That enamel protects your teeth; that’s its whole purpose. So when the enamel gets weakened or worn down, you have a problem. Whether it’s from teeth grinding, an accident, or just normal wear-and-tear, those weak spots are more likely to have cavities or damage.

That’s why you need to call Dr. Stuart today for a dental crown. It adds a layer of protection to a tooth made weak over time. By strengthening the tooth, your dental crown helps prevent cavities, chips, cracks, and more.


Speaking of cavities, here’s something many people do not know. A cavity can grow very big without you knowing it. That’s because there are no nerves in your enamel to feel the cavity getting worse. If a cavity goes untreated for too long, a filling won’t stay in there.

Dr. Stuart is your Billings dentist who can use a dental crown in these cases. It seals up the cavity to stop it from growing, but it also makes your tooth stronger so you can use it without discomfort.

Call our Billings, MT dental office today at 406-794-3114 to set up an appointment or use our online form to contact us. Dental crowns are needed if you have damaged and unsightly teeth. Dr. Stuart makes sure your dental crowns are made specifically for your teeth.


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