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Professional Teeth Whitening From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

Many people suffer from stained or discolored teeth due to time, food or drink, or poor oral hygiene. Legacy Smiles offers two different professional teeth whitening methods that can be used to brighten your smile. The two methods can be used separately or in combination to achieve the shade you want. Visit our Billings, MT dentist office to take advantage of our professional teeth whitening services.

Opalescence Boost In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Our in-office professional teeth whitening is the best way to get a bright, white smile in just one office visit. This method offers instant gratification and a whiter smile in only about an hour.

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Over the years, whitening is one of the few things in dentistry that has come way down in cost. 27 years ago, I whitened teeth. 27 years ago, we charged $100 per tooth to whiten them. Now, you can whiten the entire mouth for a few hundred bucks, and do all the teeth. The thing that does do the best, the best job that I've found, we have two basic techniques. One is in-house, meaning we're going to sit you down, we're going to take a couple of hours.

We're going to isolate all of your teeth, meaning we're going to put a rubber dam on your teeth to expose just your teeth. We want to protect your lips, teeth, gums, and everything. Your lips and gums, we want to protect those. We use a very powerful oxidizing agent that we have total control of while you're here. It will move, it's more of an immediate thing. It's going to whiten your teeth very dramatically, very fast, very quickly.

The other option, which actually in my opinion is probably the best option, is we make impressions of your teeth. Then we make a custom type of molded tray that just is cut and customized to fit directly on your teeth. Then we actually give you the materials, which is the oxidizing gel, show you how to use it, teach you how to use it. This process, basically you're using the gel and the trays once or twice a day for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. It will brighten up your teeth.

It's a little bit slower process but when I still say slow, it's really pretty quick, it's only going to take a week or two. It gives us a lot of control over it and it's less expensive. It's one of those times when whitening ... It's one of those techniques where the most expensive thing isn't necessarily the best.

In our Billings, MT dentist office, we use the Opalescence Booth whitening system by Ultradent. We apply the gel and then wait – because the gel is chemically activated, there is not a hot white light to contend with. When your waiting time is up, you will have a dramatically brighter smile.

There are many benefits to having in-office professional teeth whitening system.

  • Opalescence Boost contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. Both have proven to be beneficial to your teeth by either reducing sensitivity or strengthening enamel.
  • The results are almost instant. See your brighter, whiter smile in about an hour.
  • The gel can help to remove deep stains. While whitening toothpastes and rinses can remove extrinsic stains on your teeth, only professional teeth whitening systems can remove intrinsic (deep) stains that live in the dentin of your teeth.
  • Our gel is chemically activated, so you won’t have to mess with a bright, hot activation light.

Take-Home Custom Whitening Trays

Our Billings, MT dentist office also offers take-home custom whitening trays for your personal use at home. Many people prefer this method because it is easy to use, you won’t have to come into our office every time you want to whiten your teeth, you have greater control over what shade of white you end up with, and you can still achieve a professional-quality shade of white. However, the take-home method does take longer to achieve the same result, requiring multiple treatments over a period of time to create the same whitening effect. Take-home custom whitening trays are great when used for touch-ups between in-office whitening appointments to keep your smile as white as possible all the time.

Keep Your Teeth Pearly White

There are some very common causes of discolored teeth. While some teeth become discolored with age, stains most often are a result of what you eat or drink, smoking, or poor hygiene habits. Let’s talk about these things and why you should avoid them.

  • Red wine and black tea – Both of these beverages have high staining power. While neither are inherently unhealthy to consume, both have the potential to ruin your white smile if consumed consistently over a long period of time. The same can be said for other heavily dyed food. To prevent staining, cut back on your consumption or brush immediately afterward.
  • Smoking – Not only is tobacco bad for your health, it can also stain your teeth. To avoid staining, quit smoking. Smoking can also result in oral cancer or other very serious conditions.
  • Poor hygiene habits – When teeth are cleaned improperly for long periods of time, the result can often be a build-up of plaque that causes your teeth to yellow. By maintaining proper hygiene at home, as well as scheduling regular dental cleanings with our hygienist, you can help to avoid staining.

Call us today at (406) 794-3114 or use our online form. Get the bright white smile you desire with professional teeth whitening from our Billings, MT dentist – Dr. Stuart.


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