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Smile Makeover From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

Are you living with a smile you hate? Let the caring and competent staff at Legacy Smiles help. We offer a large range of cosmetic and restorative treatments that, when combined, can revolutionize your smile. Let our Billings, MT dentist help you achieve a total and extreme smile makeover. Our smile makeover is a four step process:

Step 1: Schedule Your Consultation

The first thing you must do before receiving your smile makeover is schedule a consultation. Our Billings, MT dentist office offers free cosmetic consultations, so finding out what sort of treatments are available is free to you. You can schedule your consultation by calling (406) 794-3114 or by using our online form.

At your visit, Dr. Stuart will examine your teeth and gums and determine what needs to be done in order to achieve the perfect smile you desire. He will talk to you about your options and about what procedures he recommends. This talk will lead you into step two.

Step 2: Create Your Treatment Plan

Our office offers a wide variety of cosmetic services. Often, the doctor will recommend some restorative procedures before moving onto the cosmetic solutions. These restorative procedures may include fixing a cracked or decayed tooth with a crown, filling cavities, or installing a bridge or even a dental implant. These restorative procedures are designed to bring your smile back up to a fully functioning state. You will be able to chew, talk, and laugh again without any trouble from your teeth.

Read Transcript

A smile makeover is really a technological tool that we use. In essence, what I'm doing is I'm literally taking a picture of the way the patient looks right now. Then I take that picture and I take it to my little wizbang, high-tech computer and I blow it up and I enhance it, I change it, I do whatever it's going to take to make that smile ideal. I'm working at a pixel level in many instances to change a person's smile so that I can give them, and when we're all done, I can then show them a before and an after of what we propose that their smile look like when we're all done.

Now it's a simulation, and always the end result looks better than the simulation, but the simulation can look pretty good. The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, people, when they can actually see what they're going to look like, it helps them make a decision. Also, I go to great lengths to help explain the process, why we're doing this, do we need some of that gum gingival contour or do we not. Sometimes we might need some on one tooth but not another. Helping them understand the whole process and actually getting them involved in it helps them make a decision.

From there, Dr. Stuart will recommend certain cosmetic procedures to help your smile look its very best. These cosmetic solutions may include in-office professional whitening treatments, cosmetic bonding to fix a chipped tooth, or gum reshaping therapy. He may even suggest employing the Invisalign short-term orthodontic system to straighten your smile. Your choices in treatments will determine the path you take to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Step 3: Preview Your Future Smile

After you have chosen your restorative and cosmetic services and created a plan of action with Dr. Stuart, you will be able to see what your smile will look like when you are finished. Even before beginning any of the treatments, we will be able to show you your madeover smile. We do this using digital imaging. We can input your current smile, add the cosmetic alterations, and display your future smile. This helps both you and the doctor know that you will be satisfied with the results.

We can also do diagnostic wax-ups to show what your new smile will be like. A wax-up is a model that is shaped into your future smile and then waxed on to your current smile. Just look into the mirror to see what you will soon look like. This is a great option for previewing your new smile for other people, though we recommend digital imaging for faster, more accurate results.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Smile

The last step in the smile makeover process is to undergo treatment and then enjoy your new smile! Because we discuss and create a plan of action together, then preview what your new smile will look like, we guarantee that you will love the way you look. If you are ready to schedule your consultation, please call our Billings, MT dentist office at (406) 794-3114 or use our online form. We can’t wait to help you change your life for the better.


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