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Cosmetic Dentistry From Billings, MT Dentist – Dr. Stuart

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The most challenging thing we do is to take artificial materials and stick them right in the center of your face between natural teeth and try to make it look like it belongs there. That's the hardest thing we can do, and to blend colors and contour and everything else to make it look like it's exactly like the other teeth next to it is incredibly challenging, so we can do everything from simple – we make them whiter and brighter – to work a few little magical changes on the contour and the shape, and wow. It looks incredible, and we don't need to go any further.

Other times, we need to rebuild individual teeth. Sometimes we do need to extend it out and completely rebuild with veneers or crowns the entire smile, but one thing that I'm big on is, once again, nothing is as good as what Mother Nature gave us in the first place in most cases, so I always strive to preserve what I can naturally.

We do a very comprehensive and thorough diagnosis and treatment plan designed to get the best result, the most gorgeous, beautiful, cosmetic result, as well as maintain as much natural tooth structure as we can and be as least invasive as possible on the crowns and the veneers. Yes, sometimes we do. Sometimes, absolutely, we need a full mouth of veneers. Sometimes we do need a full mouth of crowns, but many of the patients that come in and just want to enhance their smile, they don't need all that, and I think it's unethical to step in and not only destroy all that nice, healthy tooth structure, but charge them to do it, so I totally get away from treating everybody the same. I treat everybody individually, and then we strive to work out a plan so that we can get the nicest cosmetic result.

We understand that first impressions are everything. Having a great smile can help you succeed in both your career and personal life. Your BillIings, MT dentist from Legacy Smiles can help you get the smile you desire with one or more of our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Our Billings, MT dentist office offers beautiful, skillfully-crafted porcelain veneers. Our veneers are layered to create a thin but durable material that is designed to meet your aesthetic satisfaction. Veneers are used to cover up slightly crooked, stained, chipped, or otherwise imperfect teeth. Our veneers can often be placed with minimal tooth preparation – we always preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. And of course, we are always aiming for the best aesthetics possible.


We offer professional in-office as well as at-home teeth whitening services. In our Billings, MT dentist office, we use the Opalescence Boost whitening system to get a bright white smile in just one office visit. You can also opt for our take-home custom trays for gradual whitening that is easier to control. Both options are great for getting that beautiful smile you desire and can be used separately or in tandem.


Do you want to restore your smile to its former chewing and grinning glory? We can provide various types of dentures including full removable dentures, partials, implant-retained, implant-supported, and temporary dentures. For the dentures with the most support, ask about implant-retained or supported dentures.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Are you missing many teeth and need a total reconstruction? Legacy Smiles can help you. We often do full-mouth reconstructions for patients who have lost multiple or all of their teeth and want to restore their smiles to their former functionality and beauty. This can be done by employing dental implants or implant-retained dentures. Implants can restore almost 100 percent of your chewing power. We also create them to look as natural as possible with plenty of realistic detail – with a full-mouth reconstruction, you can have a beautiful smile again!


Dental implants can change your life. At Legacy Smiles, we offer many different types of dental implants, including traditional implants, All-on-4, All-on-6, mini implants, implant-retained dentures, and implant-supported dentures. We also offer options for immediate-load implants. Implants can restore your mouth to its full functionality and let you get back to living your life!


Another cosmetic dentistry option to get the beautiful smile you deserve is by employing the Invisalign short-term orthodontic system. If you have mild to moderately crooked teeth, Invisalign may be for you. This option works great for busy professionals, students, and others who want to keep their orthodontic care discreet. Invisalign is made out of a clear plastic material, so it’s nearly invisible! It’s also comfortable and convenient – there are no scratchy wires or brackets to contend with, and the aligners are removable for easy cleaning.

Gum & Teeth Reshaping/Recontouring

Are you ashamed of your overly gummy smile? We can fix that with our laser gum reshaping therapy. Our BIOLASE laser technology allows us to reshape your gum line with less healing time, less discomfort, and more precision than by hand. We can also recontour your teeth using laser technology. We can help you get the smile you desire.

Cosmetic Bonding

At our Billings, MT dentist office, we can repair chips and other small imperfections with cosmetic bonding. We blend colors to create the perfect shade to match your natural tooth. We also focus on restoration – we want to help you regain the full functionality of your damaged tooth.

Smile Makeover

Need a full smile makeover? We have you covered. With our extensive cosmetic dentistry offerings and imaging tools, we can create the smile of your dreams. We can use either digital imaging or wax-ups to show you what your new smile will look like even before we begin! You can view before and after photos of some of the smiles we’ve helped to beautify at Smile Gallery.

To schedule your free consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Billings, MT dentist office, please call our office at (406) 794-3114 or use our online form. We’d be happy to beautify your smile.


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