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My early education began at a little community college in Idaho, in Rexburg, Idaho, called Ricks College. It's kind of a long story, but I was always headed toward medicine. That was a field that my father thought I ought to go into and it was something I always excelled at in school, in the sciences and that type of thing. That's where I was headed.

As I continued down the path toward medicine, I started looking at medicine as a whole. I kind of saw where medicine itself was going, and I wasn't quite sure I wanted to necessarily go strictly into the medical, become a medical doctor. When I looked at dentistry – wow, I discovered that most dentists were their own businesspeople, they owned their own solo practice, they were very, very hands-on with their patients. They got to make the decisions, whereas often in medicine it's based on insurance. What will insurance pay?

It gave me the opportunity to also incorporate art into my dentistry. Dentistry really seemed like the most attractive way to go. That's kind of how I proceeded, and then I eventually attended The Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Richmond, VA. I went out east just to broaden my horizons, see what was out there and I was pleasantly surprised. A beautiful area, very, very nice people. That was pretty much my education.

Then came back and went right into solo practice. I've always been interested in the surgical aspect of things, so I dove into the oral surgery, the implantology right out of school. For the last 27 years, that's kind of what I've done. I've always enjoyed the cosmetic aspect of things, making things look nice, look pretty. The biggest aspect of that is also the joy that you see in people's faces when it totally changes how they feel about themselves.

Drilling, filling and billing – anybody can do that. When you can change someone's appearance and change their self-esteem because of how you change their smile and their appearance, that's pretty cool stuff. It's fun to do.

Dr. Stuart

Dr. Michael Stuart has practiced dentistry for almost 30 years. Before receiving his bachelor’s of science degree in microbiology from Brigham Young University, he completed a two-year mission in Guadalajara, Mexico for the LDS Church. He then went on to receive his doctor of dental surgery degree from the School of Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1988. After dental school, he practiced in Utah for four years before moving to Montana.

Since then, he has proudly served the community of Billings, MT and the surrounding area. Dr. Stuart has many hours of continuing education courses with the American College of Oral Implantology and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has advanced training in laser therapy, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery.

Dr. Stuart grew up in the small town of Wells, NV. As the son of a pharmacist, he knew from a young age that he wanted a career that would allow him to help people in a meaningful way. Practicing dentistry, getting to know patients, and providing them with high-quality care has allowed him to achieve that goal.

Dr. Stuart believes that the most rewarding part of practicing dentistry is getting to work with great patients and staff. He loves helping patients feel better about themselves and seeing the difference a beautiful smile can make. He values the trust his patients place in him and works hard to make sure they get the best care possible.

When he isn’t in the office, Dr. Stuart enjoys elk hunting with friends, leading a Boy Scout den meeting, spending time with his wife and children, and attending the Frontsight Firearms Training Institute.

Dr. Stannebein

Dr. Craig Stannebein was raised to use his mind and hands to build and create. He learned quickly to understand what broke, why it broke, and how to repair it so it would last. When deciding how he wanted to spend his life, the dental field was an obvious choice. It has always held his interest and attention and seemed to be a good fit. Dr. Stannebein hasn’t been disappointed with his choice, and he’s been practicing since 1991!

Dr. Stannebein was born in Racine, WI and moved to northeastern Montana when he was young. His family then settled in Billings when he was 7 years old, and he graduated from Billings Senior High School. He attended MSU-Bozeman to earn his bachelor’s degree in science and chemistry. He then continued to OHSU-Portland, where he completed his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry degree.

Since graduation, Dr. Stannebein has been a member of the American Dental Association and the Montana Dental Association (9th District). He also enjoys working with his patients. Dr. Stannebein gets to meet great people and is always excited to provide each individual with their own dental needs and desires. He enjoys the gratification of relieving people from dental pain and providing them with dental function, form, and the beauty they desire. Dr. Stannebein sees every patient as a new relationship as well as a new learning experience.

Dr. Stannebein believes in the mantra, “At the end of the day or the end of life, all you have are the relationships you create.” He and his wife, Nicki, have been married since 1987. They have two sons and two grandchildren as well as two Jack Russell terriers and a cockatiel! In addition to cultivating relationships with his family, Dr. Stannebein enjoys fishing Montana’s warm-weather species, fly-fishing, hunting big game, gardening, and spending time outdoors.


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